Opened in 2019, Della Radice is a showcase of Chef Cristino Griego's passion to create and bring approachable, top quality food, wine, beer and cocktails to Denver at an affordable price. 

Della Radice's menu is seasonally driven to ensure the finest and freshest ingredients. 

As an intimate neighborhood bar & restaurant, Cristino wants every guest who walks through his doors to feel like they're walking through the doors to his own home. 


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The chef


Cristino Griego


Cristino Griego is a strong food advocate with an unparalleled passion for protecting cultural identities tied to gastronomic traditions and history. He holds strongly to his New Mexican and Italian ancestral roots and works diligently to integrate and combine these delectable and savory flavors with his classical French and Italian cuisine training. With the utmost respect and admiration for the people who grow and harvest our food, Cristino strives daily to educate the public about the origin and history of the food while never losing sight of the influence and importance that food has served in his life and the world. 

After working in corporate America for several years, Cristino decided to finally pursue his passion in the culinary industry. 15 years ago he began his studies at Cook Street’s professional culinary program where he then left to live in Italy and France to continue to hone and perfect his passion. 

Cristino continued to work in the kitchens of the former Satchel’s, Coral Room and in 2013 he opened the Bistro in Stapleton as their Executive Chef and General Manager. A year and a half passed from the opening of the Bistro, at which point Cristino then jumped on board with Frank Bonanno and SupperBell as their Executive Chef.

After leaving SupperBell in 2016, Cristino was called back to his roots to inspire young minds at his former culinary school Cook Street as their Chef Instructor and Director of Business Development. 

Now in 2019, Cristino opened Della Radice; a homage to his roots in bringing French, Italian & Spanish small plates and wine to Denver. Della Radice literally translates to "of the root" in Italian and is now a living example of working to live, not living to work.